Strip Club Etiquette

You’ll want to know the rules of a strip club before you go if you’ve never been. The clubs typically have strict rules to adhere to. Each club is different, but for the most part, there are the basic 101’s everyone should know before you go. As a first-time visitor to Emperors Gentlemen’s Club Jacksonville, below are some important tips to make your night entertaining.

Be Respectful To The Dancers

Respect is an incredibly important part of strip club etiquette. The dancers at Emperors Gentlemen’s Club Jacksonville are professionals who ensure patrons like you have a good time, and you are expected to respect them. 

You should always be courteous with the dancers as it will ensure your interactions remain pleasant and you have a good relationship with them. You must also avoid talking negatively or disrespectfully. Everyone is there to have a good time, so leave the negativity at the door. Emperors Gentlemen’s Club Jacksonville is all about good vibes, our dancers are upbeat, and our food and drinks are delicious, so negativity can be left behind. 

Don’t Record The Dancers

Since many strip clubs don’t allow recording devices on their premises as it contradicts their expectations of privacy, not recording dancers should be a no-brainer! Dancers don’t like being recorded during their performances, and you should respect their privacy by keeping your phone in your pockets at all times. 

You should be aware that any sight of a phone or recording device can result in you being tossed out. Some states don’t allow the recording of public dancers, and you should not take your chances.

Don’t Try To Negotiate A Dancer’s Fee

Don’t forget to bring cash to the club. Cards are not accepted unless at the bar, so if you are hoping to get a dance, cash is king. The important thing here is not to negotiate with the dancers on the prices. This is bad taste and bad etiquette at a strip club and could result in a negative ending. 

Dress For A Party

Like any special occasion, you should make your time at the Emperors Gentlemen’s Club Jacksonville memorable by dressing the part. Shorts, jerseys, and bandanas are not allowed at our clubs, and baseball caps are permitted but should be worn turned fully to the front at all times. We play by the rules, dress to impress as an upscale establishment, but have fun with your style! 

Bring Cash

Cash is an essential part of the strip club experience; you’ll need it when interacting and receiving dances from the girls. However, if you fail to bring cash and want to pay for services such as the VIP package at Emperors Gentlemen’s Club Jacksonville, you will have to use the strip club’s ATM. Typically, ATMshave a withdrawal fee, and since you don’t know what it will be, it’s best to just come prepared.

No Touching

A crucial rule of going to a strip club is never touching the dancer without permission. Do not get carried away with the moment and touch a dancer, as it can result in a fun night turning ugly fast. The dancers will get close to you, but remember to keep your hands to yourself, unless given permission.

Some girls do not mind being touched if you are respectful and ask for their permission. However, most clubs do not allow touching, and you should know this beforehand to avoid any problems. 

Party With Jacksonville’s Sexiest Girls

Emperors Gentlemen’s Club Jacksonville is the standard for all gentlemen’s clubs in the state, and you should visit our private rooms to experience it. Come party with the sexiest girls and make memories that will last you a lifetime. Our intimate setting and upscale menu make for a great night for your first time at strip clubs, and you should not miss out.

Join Jacksonville’s Sexiest Late-Night Party

If it is your first time at our gentlemen’s club, do not worry, Emperors Gentlemen’s Club in Jacksonville, FL has you prepared with our guides. You should always adhere to the tips mentioned above to ensure you have a fun night at any strip club you visit. 

Want to have fun at the sexiest late-night party? Contact us today for more information or to purchase our VIP packages for the experience of a lifetime.

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